henty zoo tortoise stick insects rabbit frog hedgehog

Hi, I'm Ray and my wife is Tricia. Welcome to Henty Zoo. Actually, the zoo is our house and garden which is now home to a couple of lop-eared rabbits, an African Leopard tortoise, fifteen stick insects, several hedgehogs, frogs, squirrels, pigeons, seagulls, a wild mouse, and more.

When our tortoise moved in with us, we wanted to learn as much as possible about caring for her. We found lots of information on the internet, but so much of it seemed to be contradictory. One web site said do this, another said don't do this. African Leopards don't hibernate and need a vivarium to maintain the correct temperature all year round. Ready-made vivariums were too small and expensive, so we made our own. We were advised against heat mats, so we created our own heating. Lettuce is fine, no it's not. Tomatoes are ok, no they're not... Every web site gives different advice! We were confused so we gathered sensible information from each site and began putting it all together.

Our rabbits were in a small, wooden hutch. There wasn't enough headroom for the bunnies to stand on their back legs and they couldn't hop about, so they weren't happy. The average wooden hutch is far too small so we built our own. It's fourteen feet long and built with bricks, there's an outside run where the rabbits can run and jump and hop - and it cost no more than a new wooden hutch.

Our stick insects were in a small box so we built them a new home with more than enough room for them to hang about.